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December 26, 2004



Fazu, am struck by the similarity in theme between what you've described above and LOTR: white horse, shining light, prophecy of Rizal's coming. Am not a fan of the fantasy genre, but I'd imagine that most of them would include the same recurring themes: man's journey of self-discovery, battle between light and dark etc. And the distinct lack of women. I wonder if anyone knows whether there are any fantasy books which showcases women?

BTW, can I borrow your book one day? Curious to see how a beautifully written fantasy book in BM is like.



Oh my God, I cant believe it. I was under the impression that Ahmad Patria Abdullah is deceased after years of waiting for the next installation after Pedang Aurora! It's good to know he is back! Really loved the Permata Aurorius!

Suddenly the memories of boarding school and the solace I found in Artakusiad series during those dark years (Forms 1-3) are flooding back...


Sounds interesting. Can borrow ah (after Epi)? The only manga series I've read are Slam Dunk. (Prefer to watch anime instead).

Epi, habihkan baca Panji Semerang tu. You'll be hooked, I guarantee you. It's about a princess who disguises herself as a man searching for her loved one. She's one rockin' princess, who fights like a pendekar and rides the garuda like how we drive the Kancil. Like the wind.

Also, try reading Philip Pullman's trilogy of The Amber Spyglass. It's about a young girl's journey through a universe filled with armoured bears, gyptians and witches, in her quest to reveal the secret of the 'Dust' (no, not the kind we sweep under the carpet) in the Kingdom of Heaven. Quite an enjoyable read.


Rad, don't s'pose you have this title, do you?? Actually, Fazu, don't lend me that book yet. I've to be fair to the books that I'm reading, as well as the recently bought (like today!!!). Must finish them first before I can borrow/buy/read any new ones. It's abit like having too many boyfriends at one time clamouring for your attention, not that I know how that's like. heh.
Back to Rad, anime too?!?!?! holy cow, the twilight zone music is playing, damn. If you say that u like Crying Freeman, I'll totally go to the National Registration and officialise you as my twin.


I love crying freeman. too bad the movie was a flop. didnt do the anime justice at all. Love the Gundams too (actually, the missus bought me a Limited Gundam Edition PS2! for my b'day!!)


Epi: i thought not. after all, shouldn't one be wary of lending books to a self-confessed book whore such as yourself? Having too many boyfriends clamouring for your attention can't be THAT bad an experience, can it? ;)

Kaisersoze: yes, APA is alive and scribbling still. According to Artakus.net, the eighth book is in fact coming out some time next year! re nostalgia over boarding school days: same here. but in spite of the hard years, don't think i'd do any of it any differently, eh?

radnexus: i would like to borrow hikayat panji semerang after epi is done with it (entah bilalah agaknya tu?). can't remember anything from this book at all.


Sure. I suppose you could read it first since epi has scores of books to finish. It's still on her desk.


Love all this slagging off epi's book whoring tendency. Fazu, ambil lah panji semirang tu dulu, like Rad rightly pointed out, it's still on my table. sigh. my books my books, when will i ever finish them all???

my name is fake

Selamat Menyambut 2005!


Panji Semirang is my favourite hikayat - Raden Galoh Chendera Kirana turning herself into Panji Semerang but I can't really remember all the other characters!
Happy New Year, Fazu -- hope it will eb magical for us all and you ticking more wishes off your list ;-)


Oh my God! I cant resist commenting. I remember reading his book when I was in secondary school (or was it primary? I cant pin point). I did not understand or relate Malay novels much at the time but his was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I was in awe of the writer. (I could not remember his name after all these years). I'll head out to Kinokuniya to get the book soon. Thanks for sharing



Yeah, would not have traded it for anything. The experience gained is priceless (though I can do away with some of the very bad beatings though..hehehe)


buku "lagenda numerius" ada lagi 3 buah dekat SMART BOOK STORE, WARTA SUPERMARKET, BANDAR BARU BANGI.

aurora fan

I really thought Ahmad Patris is deceased. I love the Saga Artakusiad. I read the first book, Permata Aurorius, when I was in Form 2, that was like 16 years ago. What an adventurous sequels. I love that books and agreed that the stories were the first ever fantasy writing. Read until the sixth book and then there was no news of the seventh sequel.

Can't wait to get the lagenda numerius, if it still in the market.

By the way, I actually want to collect all the books but only have 4. Looking for Permata Aurorius and Kota Arialun. I lend these 2 to a friend of mine back then, but she hasn't returned them back. Have been trying to find them everywhere.

Can anyone assist? Where to find the books?


How is new HARRY POTTER? Did any one saw it already? I am going tonight!


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For saga Artakusiad fan, you all are invited to ww.artakus.net. We had establish the club since 4 years ago and manage to make the seventh book "Lagenda Numerius" back to the track.... will be a great pleasure to see you guys there....


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Yahoooo....at last jumpa jugak buku yang dicari-cari...pengarang yang diminati

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