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December 19, 2004






It looks delish, my mouth's watering. Have the sudden urge to have Thai for lunch today :)-

What's cili tongkol?

What's next on the culinary list?


Fazuuuuuuu. Lapar!!!! Everything looks so good, I especially like the first pic of all those fresh ingredients. So colourful. BTW, did you cut and slice everything? Nicely cut carrots. :)

PS And yes, what's cili tongkol?

my name is fake


one look at the ingredients and i kinda expected that you were cooking for several people. :)

ANyway, tip: in order to save time the next time you want to cook green curry, make the paste, freeze it in ice cube trays and next time you want to use it, just pop a couple of the cubes!

the paste will last approx. 3 months frozen.


Hmmm I am still traumatised by the cake you baked a few years back (the one that you took all night to bake but turned out to be not quite so edible).....


"Natasha": (Macam manalah pulak jadi "natasha" ni?) I was hesitant to put the pics sebab I thought they don't look very nice, but i'm glad it helped whet your appetite. How was the Thai lunch?

Epicurious: The carrots were carefully and meticulously cut under tight supervision of my mum.

Fake: Re: pic of ingredients: gimmick mesti ada! Thanks for the tip.

Anom: O thou of little faith! I have long put the incident of "Kek Sehari Semalam" behind me. So please have some faith.

To All: I was quite surprised at first that you guys don't know about cili tongkol but after interrogating my mum, it turns out that it's some kind of a family recipe. I will try to post the recipe one these days ;)

rara avis

damn it looks DELISH
that's it. thai dish soon!


Sì il mio amico, vita è bello


Hmmm... I can just imagine your own tv show five years from now..."The Knackered Chef" (because this is Malaysia we can't have the translated word for telanjang now can we?), "Fazu, King of Kitchen" or "The Kitchen King", or just plain "Masakan Berselera Bersama Chef Fazu" ??????


go to One-to-One.blogspot.com and read Lillies of the Field. I think it's something you'll enjoy reading.


Hi there Maine!

Thanks for the tip. I've just checked it out. Quite inspiring. That phrase about treating life like a "terminal illness", though, seems to have been taken straight out of John Irving's "The World According to Garp"... ;)


Is there something u don't know about? Macam walking library :)

I so wanted to show u the look of 'Sabung Nyawa' coz I'm going back to Kelantan to help my grandmum clean her garden off 2 feet of mud due to recent flood. But of course, the plant got washed away :(
Nanti, I'll try and find it in the Taman Herba kat Lake Garden. It's nicer than Ulam Raja to me.




Hi there dz! Welcome to the site!

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