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September 17, 2005



Hmm....me thinks you've been working too hard lately.....ceteris paribus, of course.

What are your thoughts on the Yuppie CPI? Saw a small article on The Star about yuppies who earn RM 5000 and above each month and how hard life it is for them...*grins*


your friend must be really proud of himself when he makes those inflated payments for food, clothing and footwear, furniture and household equipments,beverages and tobacco, *knowing* that the core inflation remains 'contained'. what planet is he from? (btw its good to have you back!)


May I know this economist friend of yours.
I would like to strangle him.


your economist friend plant his own paddy plant or what?



'Economist' indeed! I'm actually getting a violent vision of knocking your friend's head on a table (which of course, was bought at a price that was 3.7% more expensive than it was the month before, but your friend shouldn't worry about that)


i can only assume that your friend is either Tarzan or Mowgli incarnate...

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