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September 07, 2004


Julio-Marcos GM

Pretty interesting article. Considering another analogous ancient noble stories, a doubt has arisen in here, at the other corner of the world (Madrid-Spain) in respect of Tun Teja. Maybe you are able to answer this question: is there any river, or lake, or harbor named Teja? Is Teja a surname reserved to certain old royal individuals or, conversely, is currently used by common citizens?

Sabri Zain

In response to Julio-Marcos GM query, 'Teja' is a short, familiar form of the more commonly-used name 'Khatijah'.


T Dutta

I have not seen the above movie, unfortunately. But I was under the impression that the sultan who was obssesed with the Princess of Mount Ledang,was in fact Sultan Mansor and not Sultan Mahmud. Sultan Mansor accompanied HT to Jawa, where HT acquired the keris Taming Sari. Was not Sultan Mahmud the last sultan of the Melaka dynasty and spent most of his years in exile in Bukit Tinggi?

I don't think Teja is a short form of Khatijah either.


Hi, I was interested reading the excerpts from Sejarah Melayu. I was wondering if the Malay version was available publicly online? I've been to the Sejarah Melayu library but I could only find the translated English version and the jawi manuscript version

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