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December 12, 2004



Lovely writing, Fazu! I enjoyed this one alot. Know what you mean by time travel, everytime I go to museums, I wonder how it was really like back then? And the people who used to own the items and artefacts, what were they like? How did they spend their days, how they spoke, married, etcetera etcetera. And of course being morbid, I also wonder how they died and were buried. If I could time travel, I would love to go back to the days of the prophets - see Moses part the sea, Jesus cure the lepers and Muhammad make that Hijrah. Cos the stories in the bible and quran now seem so long ago that they become almost 'mythical' you know what I mean - it'll be nice to see that these stories actually happened. (Great, I think I've just set myself as future target for religious hate mails ;P )


perghhhh. superb pic la. good angle. good writing too. tak pernah ler samiapi kat lembah bujang ni. just read from the history text book je. :(


epi: Thanks for the kind words epi. I'm not even thinking about going back to Jesus' and Muhammad's time. If I could just go back to the time when they built my grandmother's old wooden house, I would already be quite happy. I'm trying to imagine the pre-Islamic rites and the ceremonies and see my people i know (grandma & grandpa) involved in them.

kno: thanks for the kind words. particularly re: the pictures. Coming from you, that's one big humongous compliment.

Pegilah sekali-sekala kat lembah bujang tu. jangan asyik dok terperap kat selatan semenanjung je.

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I would love to go climb up the Mount of olives and watch the Al-Aqsr Mosque from there.

And then try to imagine the Buraq sweeping across the star filled skies.

and then try to contemplate whether or not people of the holy land can actually co exist with each other withour fear and mis trust.

one can only dream at the moment.


It's glad to know that Lembah Bujang is still enchanting (which I cant say for most of the heritage sites in Malaysia that were sacrificed in the name of tourisM) as it was when I was there way back in 1989. A well written post that rightly did justice to the Bujang Valley and the Merbok estuary.


Thanks for the kind words, KaiserSoze, and welcome to the site!

holy land tours

Great post, thank you. All of this is only a message to the world about loving, faith and friendship- no harm or bad stuff, and sure, also in Israel, the holy land!

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This part of continent has its own uniqueness when it comes to their culture.


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