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January 04, 2005



Wow. I never knew the 'pembayang' have such a significant effect on the pantun itself.

rara avis

you're simply brilliant!


Hoho, that was great.

Re the "pembayang" as a hint to what comes next, it reminds me of an example that Samhong used to illustrate this once wayyy back during BM period:

Pucuk pauh delima batu,
Anak sembilang di tapak tangan,
Walau jauh beribu batu,
Hilang di mata di hati jangan.

Apparently, the meaning of the pembayang was like this (maybe not that accurate as I have forgotten somewhat):

If one has seen pucuk pauh, one'd notice that its color is not green but somewhat red(ish)- the similar color found on ruby stones (delima batu). So pucuk pauh in the first line was to assert the appearance of the delima batu. Delima batu was used as a symbol since it was a very pricey belonging.

I don't remember the why's, but anak sembilang is not the fish, rather it was a ring. Basically, there's a ruby stone ring in one's posession and so obviously one'd keep the ring carefully due to its being expensive and lovely.

So the next goes "walau jauh beribu batu, hilang dia mata di hati jangan". The "pembayang" then is to hint how valuable the person is to the "pemantun" as he figuratively describes her as an expensive and pretty ring.

Sorry for taking too much space, and if the above comment doesn't make sense. But true, pantun is beautiful (if only one could make sense out of it).


brilliant entry, fazu!


yay! yay!
bet you got an A
for your BM test!

Quite an educational entry there, fazu. Brilliant.


And here I thought that the Malay language is an unecessarily long language that we have to use since its Malaysia.

How refresing for us to be reminded of its beauty and grace.

What better way to do it then enjoying a pantun or two!

You've outdone yourself again Fazu. Really love this post!


Ngising: My exact thoughts as well when I found out about it!

Rara: Oh thanks! (Blush, blush).

I: You mean he repeated the same thing over and over again to each passing batch? And use the same pantun as an example, at that? ;) Sigh...the good old days.

Yes, during my time, Samhong also used the pantun you mentioned to explain the connection between the pembayang and the maksud. Indeed, "pucuk pauh delima batu", as you said, is supposed to refer to the colour of the ruby which is reminiscent of the colour of pauh shoots. Re: "anak sembilang...", though, from what I could remember, Samhong's contention was that the phrase should have been "anak sembilan di tapak tangan" and not anak sembilang (young catfish). "Anak sembilan", as you alluded to, and if my memory serves me well, is apparently a special type of ring that is made using a special technique (sth along the lines of 9 "ikat" of gold to hold the stone). Thus this pantun evokes the image of two people saying goodbye to each other, and one of them has this ruby ring on his/her palm.

It should be noted however, that I failed to find any evidence to corroborate Samhong's assertion relating to the meaning of the expression "anak sembilan" (no native speaker i've interrogated knows the use of this phrase to refer to rings + it's not mentioned in Kamus Dewan). Maybe it's a very specialist term not known to many people.

Good on you to remember this (how long has it been?) and welcome to the site!

Yam: Thanks for the kind words!

Radnexus: Oh, you're back! How was Bali? Glad you like the post.

KaiserSoze: Thank you for the very, very kind words! How did your exams go?


Oh my God!!!! AMAZING explanation about pantun in an informal language!! I am impressed!

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