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January 24, 2005



Bravo, Fazu!
yayy Fazu boleh!!! Nabila just got her 2nd ribbon in swimming class hehehehe -- in her case you get a ribbon everytime you can do something new like put your face in water...


I have to say that swimming is such an uplifting experience. Lucky Nabila that she's picking it up so early in life. Let's see who between us will get to learn the kuak kupu-kupu first ;)

Ribbons? What a wonderful idea! Now I know why I was never motivated to swim as a child.


good for you! i will be taking swimming classes too, starting next week.


I live such a sheltered existence. This is the first blog I've seen. I pick a theme and swim in the comments and Fazu's counter-comments. Am I drowning?! Yes, it is true, in terms of blogs and in terms of water,I can not swim.

The Bodensee is far too cold, and there are cryptic creatures in those depths. I think the Pacific is safe. Sharks do not scare me.

My friends think it is outrageous I could grow up on a rock in the Pacific Ocean and not swim and surf. If I learned to swim, I would be taking away this entertainment from them.

I think I will content myself with learning how to swim through a blog. And I'm going to start going to the university gym. Fazu, I promise! I'll go in the next few days.




azus: oh, oh, you mean, I'm not the only one around who can't swim? Anyway, best of luck for your classes! As a friend of mine told me, we had been swimming, after a fashion, in the liquid environment of our mother's womb. So, learning to swim, so to speak, is not so much about learning something new, but rather about remembering sth you'd been doing even before you were born! Sounds encouraging, eh? But i don't know to what extent it can help with overcoming waterphobia since she told me about this AFTER I'd started swimming. Best of luck and have fun!

Arun!! Welcome to my home on the world wide web. There is a quranic verse that says, "Aaron, my brother" (Chapter "Toha") which always reminds me of you. You must, must, must try out swimming at some point. Life will never be the same again...(heh, heh).

Re: Cryptic creatures in Bodensee - Is that Germany's answer to Scotland's Loch Ness and Malaysia's Naga Tasik Chini?

Have fun at the gym - you sure they don't have a swimming pool somewhere there? - and happy plunging into the blogworld!

rara avis

fazu. this is absolutely brilliant. i am soo happy for you and that you have managed to cross another to do item on your list. well done. bravo!



You'll love the water (I think I must have been a fish or a hippo in my previous life). I can go on swimming for hours...the sea, the pool, ayor terjun..anywhere as long as there's a clean body of water (hmmm..come to think of it i used to swim in my school's science pool as well-not too clean in retrospect!)

Well done!


me too I love love LOVE water -- almost lemas twice - once in Rantau Abang I think must be a curse for enjoying seeing turtles laying eggs and eating turtle eggs - it is a guilty pleasure - I love turtle eggs but I only saw the penyu menangis once!

wooo hooo Azures! You go girl!!!

hehe yes! I have to sew the ribbons into her bikini! I think she will learn the kuak kupu-kupu for her second diploma. You get your first after completing 20 lessons and passing the test. In the next level, you will also learn to swim with your clothes on - caya tak? So you don't panic in case of emergency and eb confident enough to dive without thinking of undressing first. I like the classes they offer kids here because the first few lessons are just to help them overcome aquaphobia and to get comfy around water and play around! Not bad kan? Getting ribbons for having fun!


Well done, young man!

I suppose you'll be diving in Bali soon...



I've moved to: http://kaiser-soze.blogspot.com



you go, fazu lad! :D

like kaizer i love to swim and can stay in water till my fingers and toes get all pruny. i try to swim at least once a week, even in winter. but none of those three million laps in a half-hour stunts for me. i hate doing laps. fortunately where i swim we can use the diving pools when scuba or diving classes are not going on. the pool may be shorter and the water cooler but it's deeper so i can my own thang. i love to tread or do water aerobics, my own untutored version that is, or just lie on my back and reflect or dream.

i heard that most msians cannot swim, even those who live by rivers and coasts? is this true?


Ok, Yam - I admit. I am one of those Malaysians who can't swim. Which is totally ironic cos (this is where logic stops) I'm a Pisces. My sign is the two fishies. I love the ocean. I was born on a "it was a dark and rainy day". I should be able to swim dammit. But no, I can't even let go of my fear of drowning to even manage to float in the pool. Heh, as my hubby says, even elephants can float.

Fazu: I hope someone will throw you a lifejacket at work :)


and to think of all those island visits you made before this without tht skills?
Gimme five! I've been snorkelling in Pulau Payar for 4-5 hours in fear of drowning for too many years.
After 29 years, finally, I could push myself to make time to learn how to swim, as slow as hell! But it's okay, at least I don't panic if water gets into my nostrils anymore.
Last March I celebrated it by going to Perhentian, saw barracudas, turtles mating, found Nemo, saw their three resident sharks, popped numerous small jellyfish oooowwhhhh life is ta bella!


Bravo Fazu!

I'm from Terengganu, live 5 minutes from the beach but can't swim if my life depends on it. Went snorkling once but almost drowned & almost took along the kind snorkel-master.

Excellent blog, by the way. Love those Seberang Takir pics. Keep up the good work!

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