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March 21, 2005



bravo bravo!!!!!
You never blogged anything silly - even this list is not silly at all hahahaha - though you did list a boyband song hahahahaha!!!
I love your songs!!! yeyse - I love all the malay songs you listed and wish I know all the words to Gracias a la vida.
Now I have to go find my Man Bai's CD.
I have seen Ruth Sahanaya live but never heard Kaulah Yang Terbaik. I do heart heart HEART her Kaulah Segalanya!!!
PS: I've had one or two Scorpion experiences... one of them was even a Virgin - nolah not that good in bed hehehehehehehe - too technical!!!


Thanks Fazu,

*baton accepted*

Let me see if it works *wink*

p/s: I love the Queens Greatest Hits (Vols I & II)!


Lisa: Actually I was quite hesitant at first to include the boyband song but what the heck! There's not much fun in answering these questionnaires if you practise censorship, is there?

I LOVE Ruth Sahanaya! She has many, many nice songs. And thank you SO SO much for the music. Been having problems accessing my g-mail account yesterday and just got the files this morning. You're a star!

Re: Scorpios, maybe you just had the WRONG ones... ;)

Kaiser: Yes try it out! Let's see what you have up your sleeve.


hoorayyyyy you did it!!!! ditto what lisa say abt your list not being silly enough. what is this? only ONE boyband?? ;) O Sole Mio boleh buat karaoke version ke?

Re: scorpios - i'll just hv to take your word for it no?

Lisa: hahahahaha too technical did you say? it's nothing to do with their stars lah babe but becos they're newts. that's why they need to be debugged cepat-cepat so that they can get more hands-on experience and rely less on textbooks theories. chicken and egg situation mah.


you know I am not the kind of girl who is patient and will fake orgasms. But I used to be sooo in lurve with a Scorpion (double first Oxford + Rhodes scholar *sighs sighs* why are brains such a turn on?) that I almost wanted to fake it with him just because he tried too hard and keep asking me if I was there yet hahahaha and it is not like it will take me forever to get off.
Once he told me to get on top because he read in his mom's book that it is the best position for women hahahahaha. I dumped him the next day.


Ah..what varied taste in music u have, dear Fazu!
And what a delectable bunch of readers too...they sound like fun!

More of the silly nonsense i say! eh!



Ingat tak lagu 'Kau Bunga' by Adam Ahmad?
Joget Kelate, Nora's rendition lagi best lah dari Joget Pahang...*bias!

Antara Anyer dan Jakarta rendered by Ruth Sahanaya lagi core shaker you! Do you know that Sheila had always wanted to be just like her?

If you can get hold of Katon Bagaskara (Indon) one day, listen to the song called 'Lara Hati'. Bet you'll like it, both song n lyric.

Has your friend Ngising stopped blogging for good?


I'll vouch to that. Fazu's rendition of 'Antara Anyer and Jakarta' still brings me childhood nightmares! heheh just kidding. Jangan mare ye...

Maine: well, I sorta started blogging again. Check out my latest review on sepet :D

rara avis

Yahoo to you Fazooo for completing the Qs.
yahoo to the boy band

Lisa - am in hysterics as usual after reading your comments.
Epi - Know EXACTLY wot you mean by chicken and egg story

Scorpions. em scorpions. no dont think i know any.
Lisa - and i thought scorpies are meant to be INTENSE?
yes, like you i would have fallen for double first + rhodes scholar. sigh
brains really *do turn me on.


Lisa/Epi: I really don't get these reservations about the sexual prowess and agility of the Scorpios. And what's the problems with having women on top, again? It is after all one of the positions prescribed in the Kamasutra (trust a Scorpio to know this)

Inconditus: welcome! welcome to the site! i do seem to have interesting visitors; and you're one of them ;)

Maine: Maybe you mean, "Kau pergi jua" by Adam Ahmad? Don't we just love that song? Evergreen, eh? The song does contain words "kau bunga" though... ;)

And I do LOVE the song Joget Kelantan by Nora! But whatever you say, Sheila Majid's AADJ is still the best for me. I've heard the song "Lara Hati". Have to say I don't really like it though.

Re Ngising - You can hear it from the horse's mouth.

Ngising: Tak sedap ke nyanyian aku? See you this Saturday? Agree with most of the things you said about "Sepet".

Rara: Oh yes, Scorpions ARE intense. You should really give them a try ;)


hahahaha Fazu - have you tried a Scorpion-Scorpion relationship?
For the record, he wasn't quoting Kamasutra hahaha - it would have been charming!!!! I think it was one of those Margaret Mead type books which of course was a quasi-intellectual (cough cough) reference in his house - his parents were both double Cambers!
And yes, Scorpions are very INTENSE and intense enough to be a psychopatic stalker when things go wrong.


ok fazu,
confession time --> I was crazy enough for this guy to sing Kau Ilhamku to him in Oxford. How spooky is that? For you to put Kau Ilhamku and about Scorpions in the same post.


Ack Lisa, boy who quotes sex position from MUM's book, no matter how brainy, needs to be avoided. Run run run away as fast as you can.

Fazu: Nope, no reservation here abt sexual prowess of Scorpios whatsoever :)But yes, they are mighty intense bunch of people. Look at you. hee.


Me..I'll vote for genetics in determining sexual prowess-natural selection to ensure the survival of the species.

Hence, have to pass on the Zodiac thingy.

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