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April 11, 2005



Apakah maknanya semua ini, ada maksud tersirat?

Fazu, I wish to meet you, at least in the YM.


hi there maine!

does YM have a web messenger? if it does we can chat on YM (can't install YM on PC for reasons too complicated to explain here).


at least three alliterations, that's quite good! A pity the last one didnt make it in though, its my favourite..


Fazu, bravo!!! Consider this your deserved standing ovation. I have always harboured hope that Baby Epi will learn the traditional dances rather than ballet when she's older and plan to bring Lil Epi to our museums, galleries & heritage buildings from an early age. But I concede that these are all cosmetic and superficial measures. What I really want and I am sure that I am not alone in this, is for them to grow up comfortable, confident and PROUD of their culture, language, way of life, education and to hold to that identity especially with the world becoming increasingly smaller due to globalisation. Never mind that the mother is still confused over the meaning of mother tongue - is it the one she thinks in? or the one she curses fluently in? or the one that flows from her tongue when she is at her most relaxed? But by george, my children will learn to read jawi, write in exquisite bahasa malaysia, read english, speak french and eat sambal belacan tempoyak! Then they can go on to conquer the world ;)


Lita: Truth to tell, I could only find two alliterations. Mana yang lagi satu? (you know why the last one didn't make it in.)

Epi: Good on you! A culture that's detached from the young is a culture doomed. God bless you!

And, who's George?


I'll just email you lah.


Hope! There is always hope. *always* Patah tumbuh hilang berganti.


well, there's always the museum...

rara avis

course they'll curse us pet. we deserve it innit?
then they'll curse everything else too....
(nothing is sacred non?)


Farewell?? But why? Why retreat? *sulk*


Aah...never underestimate the strength and the will for a culture to survive. In the age of globalization, comes even a greater desire to remain unique and different. And things don't all disappear, not even globalization can stop that. People adapt, as culture and heritage would. Nothing really disappears off the planet without a trace. So don't go saying your goodbyes too quickly ;-)


Ah Fazu,

Retreating and conceding to defeat will sure condemn all that you hold dear to eternal anonymity. It is through people like you that our cultural heritage has managed to transcend through the ages. My neighbour for instance, the indomitable Dr Harun Mat Piah of UKM have kept the spirit of pantun, gamelan, mak yong alive with his writings and of course his very interesting lectures on the subject at UKM. We owe it to people like him and you to keep our heritage and identity alive. True that a lot of us in the younger generation abhor the idea of even wearing baju melayu or baju kurung let alone learning gamelan, mak yong, hikayat or pantun. So Fazu, for what its worth, a person can make a whole world of difference.

Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia.


Inn: Yes, there is hope. But there are days when, things that you hear and see and people that you meet make get you thinking that there is not much hope left...it was one of those days...

CK: Welcome to the site! Retreat? Never. But it's one of those days when I doubt if staying on would actually make much difference. Would it?

Rara: hahaha, how true! in the same way we sometimes seem to curse everything too ourselves!

Radnexus: Museum? NOW, that's the place to send things when you DON'T need them anymore and to officialise their place under the OBLIVION header...


Adschumi: Welcome to the site! True, one must never underestimate, but over the last 50 years alone, such rapid changes have occurred in the world that many things that had survived for millenia before had been crushed by the might of globalisation. hundreds of languages have been wiped off the face of the earth and ways of life have been irrevocably altered by the forces of consumerism. sometimes I wonder: as complacent as we are, will OUR way of life survive this?

Kaiser: Hi there Kaiser! It's actually unbelievable to see the number of people out there who are ashamed of their roots and where they come from, and it's even more unbelievalbe to see the number of people who would readily and without much thought trade their heritage sot that they could make more money and "remain competitive". I've met a lot of outsiders who look down on our culture, language and way of life, but they don't affect me, for how can they truly value something of which they are ignorant?but it's when you hear the same derogatory comments repeated ad nauseam and in the most antagonistic tones by YOUR OWN people that you become doubtful: is it worth holding on to a way of life when the very people who should believe in it no longer do? Thanks for the encouraging words though.


Marian Wright Edelman said: "We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee."

So keep doin' whatever that you do, Fazu! Don't stop! :)


Agree with rara. Why such passive acceptance? Why such resigned morose? Fight! Mark your stamp and legacy upon the world with your noble mission!


u remind me of my hippie uncle. he would say all that n then proceed to make ganja tea. it was very nice. the tea that is.


theroadie: ganja tea? Now THAT's something I've never tried...


I baked a weed cake once. It was Schweet...


Everybody has their own purpose in the grand scheme of things. I believe that it is your purpose as the keeper of the malay heritage to uphold the sanctity of our ancestors relics and artifacts. If you would've had given up, who else would take this role?

Your own 'race' might be ignorant, blinded and short-sighted in their child-like minds. In time they will see it through your eyes, when they grow older and more importantly: wiser.

Continue to presevere for the sake of our future generations, and history will attend to itself.


Have just discovered your wonderful site. It's not often that one learns so much from a online journal; I thank you for providing a valid justification for blog-hopping. I particularly enjoyed reading your entries on Japan.

By the way, were you educated at The Institution That Recently Celebrated Its Centenary? You mentioned KK..



CK: nice quote. Thanks!

Halva: Well, it was one of those days, you know. I'm sure you, more than anyone, would understand...

Kaiser: I'm sure the background to the baking of the weed cake is worth sharing...for le bien public? ;)

Ngising: in all honesty, I dare not presume that my "purpose" as you put it, is to be "the keeper of the malay heritage to uphold the sanctity of our ancestors relics and artifacts". There are others - and you even know some of them yourself - who would be worthier to carry such a mantle. It is nonetheless gratifying to hear such encouraging words. Thank you, and may your prophecy come true; that "In time they will see it through" our "eyes", and that "history will attend to itself." Thanks Ngising!

Adorn: Welcome to the site, and thanks for the kind words. Re: the Institution That Must Not Be Named - feel like I'm in a Harry Potter book now - if you're really interested, why don't you e-mail me personally? But for the record: the Institution That Must Not Be Named is not the only school in KK you know...


Yes, but someone who'd gone to Clifford would've been mighty pissed off by the assumption that he'd gone to TITMNBN, wouldn't he?


Yeah he did try to get into Clifford but got rejected, so he went to The Institution That Must Not Be Named (how many variations already ma?) instead.

Yeaa Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince is coming out soon....


Ooh Fazu - in The Institution That Must Not Be Named - your stunt has a special name. It's called JUE or TP ha ha ha

Where have you been? Did try to contact you but you didn't answer.

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