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April 17, 2005



mak oiii banyak nyer buku fazu..........

p/s ko pakai kamera apa heh. all the pics look crisp and very good angle......


Hooray!! Fazu's back!! *suka sangat*

Will go look at your book catalogue when my princess lets go of me (she hates it when I am online, sigh). Ohh, perhaps I shall write about my book colletion too (ours actually, my hubby and I), eh? :)


Wow! All the answers to my last email to you and more. You definitely live a 36 hour/day life!

I am back to children's books, just finished "World's Greatest Disasters" coz I needed to know more about Mount Vesuvius, just in case I can find any common tell tales about the volcanoes around us.

There is also a medieval Persian epic book called 'The Seven Wise Princesses' I just borrowed. It's the first story book that mentions Allah s.w.t's name in it and how the shahs and emirs at that time find their suitors.

The above book is based on the Persian poem Haft Paykar written in 1160 because he is inspired by a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: 'He who knows himself knows his Lord'.

.... I know I'm getting lond winded :)


Oh sorry, Haft Paykar is the name of the poem. Nizami is the name of the poet.


I can imagine the toil of going through those long lost friend.

Btw, how many languages do you speak/read my dear man?

p/s: Am learning a dead language- Latin


walaa! Tons of books. I can imagine you winning the "BACATHON" several times during your childhood years :)

Remember the 'card' that we used to fill in and have to write a synopsis or something for every book that we read?


kno: you got that one right. the quality of the pics (if any) is more of a tribute to the camera rather than the photographer. I use the Nikon Coolpix 4100. It has served me well, I'd say in spite of the long recovery time after flashes.

ck: oh, you must, you definitely must! I'll be checking on your site.

maine: if you really like persian poetry, you might want to check out a compilation of translations by Dick Davis entitled "Borrowed Ware." it's excellent.

I like classical persian (and add to that Urdu) poetry not so much because of their religious content (having grown in a country like Malaysia, reading the same religious themes approached in the same predictable manner again and again is enough to spur one to seek sth different) but because of their "secular" and slightly mischievous, witty and sometimes even irreverent style. one poet that comes to mind is Feyz who used religious images to express his lecherous tendencies and love of women: "These thousand faces/Are like beads on a rosary/As I see them one by one/My act of worship continues." And also that line about alcohol: "If alcohol was truly intoxicating; the bottle would have danced."

Kaiser: It only took me two weekends ;) You're learning latin? how? where? from whom?

ngising: what's a bacathon? oh and I still remember those cards! in fact, in primary school we used to get a whole book to record all the books we read. I think I stopped filling it in after 5 books or so. leceh.


Oh dear... I love your book catalogue idea. I think I also need to it. :-)

rara avis

and now the big question is: do you also arrange your books according to title/language and genre?


the jamie: welcome to the site. Yes, i think everyone should try this book catalogue thing.

rara: errr...by genre yes. the plan was to arrange them by categories, then by language, followed by name of authors. after separating them and arranging them by categories, however, i decided that i'm not THAT anal, and stopped there ;)


what i did to mine is to arrange them in categories, then in sizes. looks better on the shelves. malas to catalogue. too many of them.

i did the same to my cassettes (in alphabetical order), and VCD and DVD collections (according to genres).

it's a virgo thing.


WOW WOW WOW I have been coming to this page for days going WOW WOW WOW and downloaded your list and going WOW WOW WOW everytime I read them.
You have an enviable collection ;-)


radnexus: ahah...who would have thought? beneath that carefree aspiring-tai-tai exterior there lies someone who would order her DVDs by genres. (aiyo, dvds oso got genres ah? how many pirated dvds u have ah?)

lisa: epi and I were talking about this the other day and agreed that you would have a lot of difficulty cataloguing your books. based on your reading lists and your tales of secondhand book shopping sprees, we had to speculate, how big is your collection? and god knows how varied? are you sure you won't share? ;)


aiyoo what is this? gathering of the anal virgoan sorters? books? dvds? cassettes? vcds? by genres, alphabets... you guys are killing me lah :) i tried the catalogue thingy fazu..but after the 76th attempted thinking, i am officially giving up. i can't track all my possessions. how? my books have travelled to places where even i have never been, like prison.

lisa: yes, do share :) fazu and i speculated that it might take you years to even put all your books in one room. your reading list is mighty damn impressive, i am beyond envy of it.

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