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April 30, 2005



Hey you

Didn't have time to send you a text even, before you left. Have fun!


so, *were* you strip searched or not?? ; )


ooh, yes! we'd like to know... :P

also heard they made you fill a questionnaire before you left. ada soalan cepumas?



Didnt know that you'll be travelling. Anyway, have a good journey and do keep us updated.

BTW, though security is tighter than it was in the 90s, I was lucky enough not to be subjected to strip search when I was there last year despite having a "BIN".

Hmm..it is not all souless and cultureless in the States. Places like Philly, Boston and even DC (the Smithsonian for instance) ought to offer you some cultural respite to you (though it cant be in the same vein as the european cities-it is the New World after all).

Have fun and if you have time post some pix!

p/s: Bon Voyage Mon Ami!

rara avis

have a fun and safe trip pet.

didnt get stripped search the last time i was there (2003). however they *did make me take off my shoes and belt (which were essentially holding my much too big trousers) and asked me to raised my hands as i walked through the machine.

may i also add that the airport was very busy and FULL of people.


what movies? motion pictures laa...

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