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April 30, 2005



Damn, miss the States like crazy! Anyway, I remember the first time when I landed onto California's airport, an airport lady pointed to us foreigners and yelled, "Intruders, this way!" Say what???


I don't know whether it is time/date quirk of blogspot or just that you dated your entries on the day the event happened rather than the day of post coz your entries are about 3-4 days off the actual date (I suspect it is the latter?)

Glad to hear you made it to the US of A in one piece. You have 2 more days in Washington DC, if memory serves, then onwards to Noo YoRk, yes?
Don't forget to jog in Central Park! (pref.on sunday morning..)

More pictures pls!

ps. always, always ask for an aisle seat when the flight lasts more than 3 hours!


The last time I was at Detroit International Airport was *gasp* nearly 4 years ago. It was still being renovated, gosh, things must have changed now. I wonder if the corridors are still as narrow as they were before....do they still have the Cinnabon?

I miss the USA. Wonder if its the same US of A that I remember pre-Sept 11....Take more pictures, please! It's nice seeing the States again from a visitor's point of view...


Fazu, you'll be happy to know that I've found a solution to my unbloggable problem. Check me out! And oh btw, have you called my brother yet???


Used to live in DC for like 3 years, that was 5 years ago, still feels like yesterday.

If you want any insider tip, glad to help u out....


Miss life in the US of A also...

Have a good trip!


do update soon!


My favourite trip is always the one from the airport to the city in the taxi/pick-up - seeing it for the very first time - its the most exciting part and that's when i feel i have really arrived.


aaaarrggghhhhHH. update this blog already!! : (


Gah! Why is Detroit Airport still at the top of this page?! We are not amused.

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