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July 08, 2005



Welcome back ruminator!

yes agree...never mind being different..just grab life by it's horn and ride away!


Am so glad you're back blogging. And what a comeback too. Will have to ponder about what you just wrote. Seems simple enough but layers and layers of meaning and hidden messages. Or is it just me, reading too much again? Anyway, welcome back The Romantic Ruminator!!!


welcome back luvvie!!

am trying, am trying... and thanks again for last nite ;-)


welcome back!!!

my bad attempt at pantun to welcome you back ;-)

kelip kelip kusangka api,
kalau api, mana sumbunya?
slogan slogan kusangka erti,
kalau erti, mana hatinya?


Ackkkk!! You're back!! You've been sorely missed bro! *smiles*


I see you're back with a vengeance!Nice one

looking forward to the next post


waah. and it took me more than a week to know u've posted an entry. but yayyy anyway ;)


I know you're busy trying out anklets and attempting to lose weight drastically, but where is the promised eye-patch story?

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