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November 07, 2006



So glad to see that you're writing again, and really liked your recent entries a lot, esp. the one about the English language and this one was really good, loved how you tied it up to Ted Haggard at the end =)

Write more!


Alamak! I've been caught! I'd better write those long-overdue emails to people before they complain that if I have time to blog, why don't I write?


So, THIS is where your blog is. Glad I found it!


yes you have left me on my own to be sacrificed at the altar by these preachers!

but at least you are back blogging.


To anom: Macamlah my presence would make a difference. I keep telling you. It'a a losing battle. The religious right is winning the war. Ni yang aku nak migrate to Singapore ni....


and oh, jugjug: who are you?

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