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November 23, 2006



To think that I actually blushed when I read this poem....naughty naughty.


Ads, tsk tsk! The question is: who's the naughty one here? ;)


Batang buluh berisi santan,
Bunga mawar seri pengantin,
Untung sungguh nasib badan,
Ada penawar zahir batin.


That's an interesting translation, though somewhat more literal. 'Serahi' phonetically alludes to the word 'berahi', and we thought that it was a remarkable word choice. As for the usage of the word 'tuan', I'm convinced and concur -- something to remember in the future, especially translations.

p/s great blog


lama dah aku tak check blog ni. ingatkan dah kaput...

jgn berenti, aku suka baca blog hang

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