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November 14, 2006


rara avis

fazu, i am sooooo happy that you have resumed blogging and am enjoying your posts so v much. yippee.
i like your halloween outfit ;)


hi there rara! thank you. yes it feels good to be blogging again. and i'm glad you approve of the costume. you must be very busy now with the big "W" coming up and all...


Terima kasih atas informasi menarik


Wooow... less than 100 comments!!... I have to take advantage of this and write my comment on your site... ok... what should I write??... mmm, I don't think my criminal history would help me gain your sympathy, uh?? haha... anyway, I just want you to know that I'm sure you're a breathtaking blogger and writer... so, thanks for that.. now I know I'm not a robot. well, this post is getting too long to be read, so i'll stop now...

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